Dyson Unveils 1st Canadian Retail Space [Photos]

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UK-based household and technology ‘reinvention’ brand Dyson has opened its first freestanding Canadian ‘Dyson Demo’ store at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre. It’s Dyson’s fourth retail space in North America, as well as one of only 19 showrooms globally. 

The highly experiential Yorkdale retail space is designed to encourage people to pick up, test, and understand Dyson’s technology. Interactive demonstrations bring to life the science at the core of Dyson machines, with ‘Dyson Experts’ on-hand to explain machines and provide recommendations that will best suit customers’ lifestyles.

Included are features such as hair styling stations featuring the Dyson Supersonic™, and a Dyson air purifier smokebox demonstration. 

“It is by picking up and experiencing Dyson products that you are able to understand why and how we use new technology to improve performance.  The Dyson Demo encourages people to be hands-on. The Supersonic ™ salon introduces hair science to shoppers, many for the first time, and nowhere else can you choose various types of dust and debris to test a vacuum cleaner, ” said Jake Dyson, Research and Development Director. 

(Click image for interactive Yorkdale Mall Map) 

(Click image for interactive Yorkdale Mall Map) 

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Yorkdale’s Dyson is located in a 1720 square foot retail space in between the mall’s Nespresso and Freedom Mobile locations as per the mall floor plan above. Toronto-based design firm Quadrangle designed the showroom.

Dyson’s product portfolio is expansive, and includes battery-enabled and autonomous vacuums, bladeless fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, lighting, hand dryers and, most recently, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer. All can be experienced in the new Yorkdale store.  

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Dyson’s first store in the world opened in Tokyo in the spring of 2015, followed by locations in Paris, Moscow, Jakarta, London. Over the past few months, three locations have opened in the United States, including a flagship at 640 5th Avenue in New York City as well as showrooms in San Francisco (Geary Street on Union Square) and at the suburban Tyson’s Corner Center near Washington, DC. 

Interestingly, Dyson’s first physical retail space was in Paris in the 1970’s — there, a showroom allowed consumers to test Dyson vacuums before buying. The company has come a long way since then, and is known to innovate and re-work technology to make it perform optimally.

Photos in this article were provided courtesy of Dyson. The store opens to the public on the morning of Thursday, December 21. 

See below for more photos of Dyson's new Yorkdale space. 

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