Bizou Continues Store Expansion into 2017

Quebec-based jewellery and accessories brand Bizou plans to open stores in Canada, and is working with a brokerage on its 2017 expansion. The company is a notable success story, having also expanded its operations internationally. 

Bizou plans to open at least four stores this year, all in the province of Ontario. One location is confirmed — this summer, Bizou will open a second London store with a 558 square foot unit at CF Masonville Place. The mall recently saw a $77 million expansion/redevelopment, and a further redevelopment of the mall’s former Target space was recently announced. It’s also one of Canada’s most productive shopping centres, according to a recent study conducted by Retail Council of Canada

Bizou also plans to open three other stores in Ontario this year, with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area, according to representative brokerage Think Retail (which, remarkably, has worked with Bizou for almost 20 years). Bizou is seeking shopping mall space in the 500 square foot to 850 square foot range, with ideal co-tenants including H&M, Zara, Lolë, Sephora, Banana Republic, Fossil and Victoria’s Secret. The Greater Toronto area only has two Bizou locations, with room for considerably more in the future. 

Founded in Quebec City in 1982, Bizou specializes in women's moderately-priced fashion jewellery and accessories. The brand’s accessory collections include purses and handbags, belts, gloves, hair accessories, scarves, socks, sunglasses, t-shirts, footwear and watches, while its fashion jewellery primarily utilizes sterling silver, gold and amber. Its target market is women aged 18 to 35, seeking style and affordability. 

The company designs its own products and retails them in over 130 stores in six Canadian provinces — Ontario (4 stores), Nova Scotia (4 stores), New Brunswick (7 stores), Newfoundland (3 stores) and Prince Edward Island, with one store. Over 90 of its Canadian stores are in Quebec. 

Bizou is also expanding globally. In 2013, it opened at La Toison Dor in Dijon, France and the following year made its debut in Saudi Arabia at Panorama Mall in Riyadh.  Bizou is currently expanding in the Kingdom, as well as markets across United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

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Canadian Retail News From Around The Web: February 13, 2017