District Managers, are there Lineups in Front of your Stores in the Morning? Why Not?

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By Eric Nykamp CEO of Raange, Inc., Guest Columnist

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a lineup of customers at your door each morning, eagerly waiting for you to open for business?

Some great brands experience this every day; does yours?

As District Managers, HQ holds you responsible for a lot of key deliverables: staffing, inventory, sales and more. You can be rewarded for hitting sales targets or punished for failure.

What is the secret sauce used by successful brands that require them to schedule extra staff in the mornings?

After speaking with many brands in Fashion and Automotive, communication always comes up. They work for well-known brands, with great products at competitive prices that everyone seems to want.

So why do your stores only need one part-time staffer to unlock your doors? - They can even show up late, and no one would notice.

Is the brand (Marketing) listening to your customers? You know, the people who spend their hard-earned money on your goods. The people who wear or drive your products and share comments and posts with their community. The people who refer friends to your business.

Yes, Social/Digital Marketing is fantastic. One can reach millions of people with a simple click. But is your audience listening to your unique offer or are they simply grouping you with all of the competing offers and noise on their newsfeed?

For the past two years, we've found that SMS has been extremely successful in getting shoppers to line up at our merchants' front doors.

SMS is completely Ubiquitous. Doesn’t matter what phone or software you have. No App needed. 100% open rate.

You can experience the old Black Friday lineups almost every week.

Is this a problem you wish to have more often?

Eric Nykamp is CEO of Raange, Inc., Founder at Mamoth-Group, TAARGA, RAANGE and Mamoth-Labs! Internet Strategist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Investor, Husband, Father, Insomniac

My goal is to elevate traditional brick & mortar retailers to quickly and easily transition to the latest marketing concepts and communication channels, to rebuild trusted dialogue with their past, present, and future customers.

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