Retail Council of Canada to Publish 2nd Annual Shopping Centre Study

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Retail Council of Canada will launch its second annual Canadian Shopping Centre Study this fall, following a successful first study that was released in late 2016. Last year’s study saw well over a million views, and was quoted extensively in media sources nationwide (including Retail Insider). This year’s study is expected to see similar success [PDF Sponsorship Package]

As with last year’s report, the 2017 study will rank Canada’s malls on metrics including annual sales per square foot, size, and annual pedestrian count. 

The new study will also compare some of the metrics to shopping centres in the United States. Last year, the study showed that Canadian malls are, on average, more productive than those in the United States, for a variety of reasons. 

This year’s Retail Council of Canada Shopping Centre study will dive into what makes Canada’s top malls successful, including design, retail mix, and amenities offered. It will also offer insight into what the future might hold for various centres. 

(Screen shot from a page of last year's study) 

(Screen shot from a page of last year's study) 

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available for the study — landlords, brokers, design firms, construction firms and retailers will gain considerable exposure, not to mention service providers seeking to be seen by thousands of key decision makers. 

There is also opportunity for sponsored thought leadership. The study’s deep dive into shopping centre success will include a discussion of design, for example. Design firms and companies that build stores are already showing interest, and there’s still room for interested companies seeking to be part of the study.

For sponsorship opportunities, email Mary Markou at: Watch for Retail Council of Canada’s 2017 Shopping Centre Study to be released in mid-November. [PDF Sponsorship Package]