Webinar November 6: Doug Stephens ‘Waking Up from Canada’s Retail Myth


By Retail Insider

On Tuesday, November 6 at 12:00 noon EST, ‘Retail Prophet’ Doug Stephens will present a webinar entitled “Omnipresence Retail in Canada "Waking Up The Sleeping Giant”. The webinar is being co-hosted by Salesforce.

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Using timely case studies, Mr. Stephens debunks the Canadian ecommerce myth and proves how it’s been hurting businesses. This session is full of actionable tips for retailers who are ready to wake up and recognize the huge potential ahead.

“Innovate or die” is a battle cry heard across the business world, and most loudly in the retail commerce. Yet many Canada’s retailers are falling behind, according to Mr. Stephens, despite the great Canadian legacy of early innovations and record-setting internet use. The typical justification? Canada’s expansive geography, population, and market render ecommerce unfeasible. It’s “a myth as familiar as Bigfoot”, he says.

Retail Insider featured an in-depth article on the subject, referencing Mr. Stephens’ work.

The webinar is co-hosted by Salesforce, which is considered to be the world’s #1 CRM platform. You can register for the webinar here.