2018 Global Retail Trends and Innovation: Trend Two: ’Interaction’ [Video]

This is the second of four videos describing some of the world’s top retail trends, as presented by John Williams and Maureen Atkinson, Senior Partners at J.C. Williams Group. The topic is ‘Interaction’ and several interactive global innovations are included in the discussion. 

The video is less than six minutes long and is easy to watch. 

What’s interesting is some of these concepts, which currently aren’t available in Canada, could work here — Mini Migros out of Switzerland, for example, could translate across most global markets because of its highly interactive, kid-friendly experience. 

J.C. Williams Group is part of the bigger Ebeltoft Group, which has now released its 2018 Global Retail Trends & Innovations Report. This book highlights some key insights into what innovative retailers are doing around the world. The release includes these video discussions as well as a free downloadable version of the book, available here

Feel free to comment below the video, and next week we’ll showcase the 2018 Global Retail Trends & Innovations Report’s third of four ‘hot trends’ for 2018 that will include a discussion of ’Emotional Retail’. 

As well, directly below are two videos —  an introductory video which announced the ‘Retail Innovation of the Year’ winner of the 2018 Global Retail Trends & Innovations Report (San Francisco-based b8ta). As well, the other video discusses Trend One: ‘Smart Shopping’. 

[Download the full PDF report]

Above: Introduction to the video Series. Below: Last week's video discussing 'Smart Shopping'.