Business Eduction Program ‘CommercePro’ Launches National Training Courses

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Business education program CommercePro is launching its unique training courses nationwide this spring, following a successful run in Alberta last year. The brainchild of award-winning retail consultant Emily Salsbury-Deveaux, CommercePro has expanded to include a roster of educators with proven track records of success in their respective fields. 

Ms. Salsbury Deveaux explained how CommercePro aims to provide entrepreneurs, business professionals and employees with the tools they need to run successful businesses, including those in ownership and management positions. The courses focus on customer-facing startups and existing businesses, including retailers. Ms. Salsbury-Deveaux says that it’s the only company in North America to offer such short-term practical and all-inclusive business training courses, with a focus on customer-facing business-to-consumer operations. 

 Emily Salsbury-Deveaux

Emily Salsbury-Deveaux

CommercePro instructors will travel across North America for scheduled courses and as well, they’re available for hire for companies seeking to train internally. The course prepares trainees to set-up, operate, manage and navigate the world of commerce, offering a variety of short-term, intensive training packages that it says are also highly practical. 

3-Day Course, and Sub-Courses

The company’s training sessions range from a few hours for one subject to a comprehensive three-day training course. The three-day course has the most expansive focus, including topics from set-up to operations, customer management and marketing, among other topics — instructors walk through the modules with course trainees. Courses are offered several times per year and as well, CommercePro partners with organizations including business incubators and accelerators, as well as start-up facilities, and banks and real estate companies. The 26-hour course covers topics such as: 

  • Basic Business Set-up
  • People/Culture
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Space Planning
  • Systems Analysis
  • Supply Chain
  • Inventory Management
  • Productivity
  • Pricing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • E-Commerce & Digital Applications
  • Customer Management

Companies can hire CommercePro to travel teach, no matter where they're located in North America. 

CommercePro also offers four-hour courses that include: ‘E-Commerce Bootcamp’, ‘Digital Marketing’, and ‘Selling 101’. These short courses take place more frequently and can be offered at any time throughout the year if organizations request it. As well, the four-hour topics are also covered in the broader three-day CommercePro course. 

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The course’s Instructors have diverse backgrounds. Emily Salsbury-Deveaux, CommercePro’s founder, has been a retail industry consultant for nearly 20 years and was also recently the Executive Director of the University of Alberta School of Retailing. She also operates her own successful fashion line EMMYDEVEAUX and has ownership interests in businesses that include a UPS Store as well as franchised Wetzel’s Pretzel’s locations in Alberta. 

Franchising instructor Ziad Kaddoura has a very extensive business background that includes being Managing Director at LUSH MENA and ME Global Services. He has been instrumental in directing and advising companies from around the globe with the development of their businesses. This includes the opening of hundreds of franchised businesses in the food and beverage sector, the hospitality sector, the retail sector, for example. 

Other instructors include Shelley Spear-Brunet, a seasoned retail executive who educates in the area of supply-chain; Daniel Hassan, Leasing Agent for Triple Five’s West Edmonton Mall as well as owner of several highly profitable e-commerce businesses, and Rebecca Scammell, who has extensive experience in retail consulting for companies as well as municipalities, as well as extensive operations experience as head of business operations for the EMMYDEVEAUX fashion label. 

CommercePro notes that its team is also available for consulting and mentoring. 

Beginning this spring, CommercePro will begin announcing courses and course locations. CommercePro is targeting individuals as well as companies looking to train their staff, and in some provinces grants are available. For more information, visit: and to reach Emily Salsbury-Deveaux directly, email:

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