2018 Global Retail Trends and Innovation: Trend Four: 'Responsibility' [Video]

This is the last of four videos describing some of the world’s top retail trends, as presented by John Williams and Maureen Atkinson, Senior Partners at J.C. Williams Group. The topic of the video ‘Responsibility’ — consumers want to feel that they are part of something greater when buying a brand, which means that brands should provide them with an opportunity to support a good cause. It’s all about caring, and purpose, and the best brands are addressing this. 

We’re at a time in Canada’s history when an unprecedented number of international retailers are entering the country while at the same time, the best homegrown companies are innovating. It’s therefore a time to look internationally for best practices in the video above, where some European examples are showcased. 

J.C. Williams Group is part of the bigger Ebeltoft Group, which has now released its 2018 Global Retail Trends & Innovations Report. This book highlights some key insights into what innovative retailers are doing around the world. The release includes these video discussions as well as a free downloadable version of the book, available here

Feel free to comment below the video. As well, directly below are four videos —  an introductory video which announced the ‘Retail Innovation of the Year’ winner of the 2018 Global Retail Trends & Innovations Report. As well, the other videos discuss: Trend One: ‘Smart Shopping’ and Trend Two: ‘Interaction’, and Trend Three: ‘Emotional Retail’. 

[Download the full PDF report]