Lightspeed Partners with ‘The Retail Doctor’ for Training Package Giveaway

By Craig Patterson

Montreal-based Lightspeed, which is a leading point-of-sale solution for independent retailers and restaurants, has partnered with Bob Phibbs, aka ‘The Retail Doctor’ on a promotion that will give away five retail sales training packages, valued at approximately $1,200 each. 

The contest is open to all retailers across North America now until October 3, 2018. Interested retailers can visit the Lightspeed website to enter, and the final draw takes place on October 4, 2018. 

The winning Bob Phibbs Retail RX training packages include the following: 

  • 70+ training hours on retail sales,

  • 5+ participants,

  • Management training, and

  • Built-in employee progress monitoring and reporting.


Bob Phibbs is an internationally recognized retail sales consultant. He has offered personalized training and conducts seminars throughout North America, South America and Europe for a wide range of retailers, including plenty of independent retailers that are looking to get ahead at a time of unprecedented retail competition. Lightspeed and Bob share a common vision of empowering independent retailers and helping them make their businesses successful.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Lightspeed. They, like me, are trying to find a way to help retailers be more successful. They know how important constant training is to succeeding in the competitive and changing retail world,” said Mr. Phibbs in a statement to Retail Insider. 

As well, The Retail Doctor and Lightspeed will be hosting a webinar on September 10 to give retailers more tips on what they should be doing to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. 


Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Dax Dasilva and now with more than 600 employees, Lightspeed processes more than US$15 billion annually in more than 100 countries. The company continues to innovate and recently introduced Lightspeed Analytics, which is geared towards independent retailers and is designed to provide retailers with insights and recommendations into their sales, inventory, employee performance and customer behaviours, with an aim of providing retailers a competitive edge in their industry. We recently profiled Lightspeed Analytics at length in a previous article

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