Upstart Canadian Menswear Label ‘ARSENY’ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


Designer/Creative Director Cody Aker is launching a new Canadian menswear label called ARSENY via a Kickstarter campaign

ARSENY is described as being high fashion, yet immensely wearable. The brand features the tagline: ‘UNMASC’, which is an anti-patriarchy sentiment that speaks to the idea that not all men embody the kind of masculinity that men are supposed to inhabit. As a fashion brand, ARSENY will explore codes of masculinity and the perception of ‘manliness’ through its design ethos and broader marketing.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise funds to produce the first 10-piece capsule collection. The collection will be Made in Canada with pre-orders available a few months later via ARSENY’s website. Products begin shipping this Fall.

The campaign is ‘All or nothing’ with approx. 20 days left. To contribute to the campaign on Kickstarter:

You can also find ARSENY online:

Cody Aker was born in Canada in 1985 and has a background in interior & fashion design. He worked in luxury retail for much of his earlier career for many of the world’s top fashion brands. He also ran an independent Canadian online clothing store from 2010-2012, which sold men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and footwear.