Calgary Teens Launch Unique Accessory Business with Charitable Component

It was the summer of 2017 when Taza Collections was created with a mission and goal to create a better world for those in need.

Through the art of jewelry, two young entrepreneurs Tahir and Zakiya Natha started in Calgary what would today be known as Taza Collections. Siblings Tahir was 12 and Zakiya was 10 when their online business began.

“I personally have always had an entrepreneurial mindset,” said Tahir. “My parents from a young age decided you know what why don’t you guys try starting something and they kind of knew someone in the wholesale bead industry. It was an easy way to start something, gain some experience, gain some knowledge around it.

“So we started this bracelet business. It was surrounded by the fact that maybe this was something we can create for ourselves. So we’ve been selling bracelets and recently we started selling clothes on there to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“A lot of our focus is charitable based. We’ve partnered with the Aga Khan Foundation at one point. We’ve partnered with the Ronald McDonald House. We’ve partnered with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. And all in an effort to just give back to the community. That was one of the main points as to why we started this.”


Tahir said all the products sold on the ecommerce site are sourced in Canada.

“It takes time to grow and I think slowly we’re seeing that growth pattern upwards a little bit. It was definitely a slow start but now I think we’ve built a little bit of a brand reputation within our own customer base and that’s where predominantly we see people coming from,” he said.

“But we’ve done a lot of efforts in terms of marketing and trying to get a large social media presence. So we’re seeing a slight upwards trend for sure. Just like anything it takes time.”


The retailer’s target audience is shoppers who focus on spending local. The company therefore has a big push for local and made in Canada products.

“We try to provide something that feels like it could be in the luxury market but we try to bring it at an affordable price. So it’s kind of more available to all. That’s the model. Luxury made affordable,” said Tahir.

“We have two large demographics which is the millennial age group and then you have the 65 plus age group.”

Going forward, the siblings would like to continue to expand the venture into different areas. Right now they are looking at ways to expand the concept and build its focus and perhaps look at a larger charitable component to it.

Would they consider a physical store location?

“Definitely a thought we’ve had and potentially in the future. I think right now the largest focus is growing the ecommerce side of things and seeing how far we can push that,” said Tahir. “And then maybe down the line in a couple of years, considering maybe not a permanent but even a pop-up shop in different places contributing to that.”

Tahir and his sister run the business but their parents are there to support them when needed.

They don’t have official titles but Tahir is like the CEO of the business while Zakiya supports on the design side of things.

Tahir is currently in Grade 11 and Zakiya is in Grade 9. They are doing online school this year through the Vista Virtual School. Tahir also works at a software development firm part-time.

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Mario Toneguzzi
Mario Toneguzzi
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  1. The news that Calgary Teens Launch Unique Accessory Business with Charitable Component is quite surprising, as I do not understand what they are trying to achieve by this. Can anyone explain to me?


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