Why Wholesale Partnerships with Retailers Makes Sense for Some Brands: James Yurichuk

By James Yurichuk, Founder and CEO, Wuxly Movement

We’re locked down, we’re isolated, we miss the power of human interaction. Shaking hands, slapping high-fives, swapping stories, just a few things we look forward to reacquainting with. There is no substitute for human connection, an exchange made possible through retail. Business thrives on face to face connections, a value not lost on Wuxly Movement.

COVID-19 has reduced operations to mainly ecommerce solutions, it’s not ideal. To be clear, Wuxly is a proponent of the retail experience. When speaking of outerwear, there’s a necessity to purchase in person, it’s different from jumping online and ordering a book. Tangible factors such as fit and feel are a big part of the purchase. We’re biding our time, but make certain, we look forward to lifting the curfew and getting back out there.

I always enjoy visiting our retailers, be it for a training session or just to say hi. I recall a pop in last season with Skiis & Biikes. I was pleasantly surprised to see about 20 sales associates on the floor that day, imagine the service. Sales associates are an integral extension of Wuxly, they tell “our story,” one we’re proud to share. We take pride in the underlying features of Wuxly, Canadian made, animal friendly, sustainable fabrics, and of course living warm. All of this is available online, though, words take it a step further, especially the warmth.


Full disclosure, I am not just a fashion brand founder, I am also a consumer. Some time ago, I was in the market for a tailored suit. I willingly put my needs in the hands of GOTSTYLE, a partner of ours. I was tended to by helpful, knowledgeable associates, it was a good experience. It’s only one example, but it speaks to the special touch provided by in person service.

Age Old Debate of Ecommerce vs Retail

A little history lesson on Wuxly, we started as a humble, unknown brand selling directly to consumer. We cut our teeth at live events, meeting our customers face to face, it was fully interactive. Naturally, ecommerce was integrated and in recent years we have added retail to the mix. We have come to learn that prosperity is a community effort, a healthy blend of online and in-person sales is what it takes.

On the spectrum, the left champions direct to consumer while the right vows that wholesale wins. We have considered factors such as marketing, advertising, logistics, and at the end of the day there’s a spot in the middle that is just right. A belief exists that retail slashes the profits of business. Signs indicate this belief is fading and Wuxly is glad to be at the forefront. A harmonious blend is out there, we’ll find it.



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It’s a two-way street, the partnership between Wuxly and retailer. We’re always looking for ways to strengthen the bond with our partners. For instance, retailers have full access to our inventory, including top sellers. We like to equip our partners with a full arsenal, it’s a battle out there, best be prepared. Again, success is a journey, as brands grow, we do well together.

Closing Thoughts

The global pandemic is a unique period in history, not necessarily a pleasant one. However, a silver lining exists, a grown appreciation for human connection. Wuxly intends on emerging with a heightened desire to live warm. Retail will be a driving force in making this happen, how will you live warm?

James Yurichuck

James Yurichuck is a Canadian professional football linebacker and the Founder and CEO of Wuxly Movement. Email: james@wuxly.com. Twitter: @YungYuri

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