Millions for Vancouver Hudson's Bay Company Store Restoration

Hudson's Bay Company store, 674 Granville Street, Vancouver BC
Yesterday evening, Hudson's Bay Company President & CEO Bonnie Brooks announced that the 620,000 square foot Vancouver BC Bay store would be getting a multi-million dollar resoration/renovation. At over $24 million, It will be the most money spent at once on a Hudson's Bay Company store.

Retail insiders tell us that the store's 33,000 sub-basement will become a TopShop/TopMan store. The basement will become a food floor not unlike that in Harrod's of London. The store's ground floor will receive a complete renovation, possibly with the inclusion of Bloomingdale's (this is still being negotiated at press time). The entire sixth floor will become a men's floor, complete with open windows and the restoration of a skylight in an area to house designer men's clothing (Called 'The West End Shop'). 

The exterior of the store will be restored, including an exterior cleaning, glass and copper awnings, and black wrought iron awning entrances. We will post photos when they arrive, and currently have this photo of the new TopShop/TopMan entrance at the 674 Granville Street entrance, below: 
Granville Street entrance: glass and iron awnings at The Hudson's Bay Company
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