Selfridge's Named Best Department Store in the World for Second Time

At the Global Department Store Summit in Paris last week, London's Selfridge's was named the world's best department store for a second year.

Selfridge's has made strides over the past few years to create a spectacular shopping experience.  It opened a luxury accessories hall called 'The Wonder Room', it created the world's largest women's shoe store (for now), and just unveiled its new women's designer floor.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these pics of the interior of Selfridge's, London...

Selfridge's, London Oxford Street Flagship Store
Wonder Room (Chopard Boutique on the right)
Wonder Room (Notice the play of Selfridge's signature colour, yellow)
Cartier Boutique in The Wonder Room
Shoe Room (one of several) @ Selfridge's
Another Shoe Room. Notice the movie-theatre seats in the left photo!

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