Holt Renfrew Calgary to Expand Retail Space by 30,000 sq ft

Holt Renfrew, Calgary: Thank you: http://www.snackingsquirrel.com
Calgary's Holt Renfrew store will expands its retail space by about 30,000 square feet within the next year, occupying unoccupied space on the store's fourth floor. This is partly in response to Nordstrom's announcement of a new store at Calgary's Chinook Centre Mall.

The Calgary Holt Renfrew store currently utilizes about 120,000 square feet of its 151,000 square foot gross space. The 30,000 square feet on the store's fourth floor (aka +45 Level) has been vacant since the store opened in a former Sears location October 2009. Holt's didn't want to initially 'overwhelm' the Calgary market with a 150,000 sq ft store after its previous location was only 42,386 square feet. 

Holt Renfrew is examining the possibility of opening a restaurant, spa, and private personal shopping suites in the space. Holt's is also looking to expand its contemporary apparel for women, and may consider a combined men's/women's department similar to what will be built in the Holt Renfrew Yorkdale Shopping Centre expansion as we previously reported.

Calgary's original downtown Holt Renfrew was at Penny Lane Mall (R.I.P.), and was only about 16,000 square feet. A second small Calgary location was at Chinook Centre. Both closed, and a replacement store opened at the Calgary Eaton Centre in 1988 at about 27,343 square feet.

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