Nordstrom Formally Announcing Canadian Locations Thursday, September 13th

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Nordstrom will announce its first round of Canadian stores via press conference on Thursday, September 13th. We have been provided some insider info from our mole at the Seattle headquarters, and have been asked to not share it until after the Toronto press conference. We can confirm that there will eventually be more than four Nordstrom stores in Canada, though only four will initially be announced.

This is only the beginning. Nordstrom Rack will also open multiple locations in Canada, and we will provide details as they come available. Nordstrom will also be carrying some designers not currently readily available in Canada (or at all), and it will be snatching up some exclusive designers from both The Hudson's Bay Company and Holt Renfrew. Expect label wars unprecedented in Canadian history.

As a teaser, next week we'll be discussing Nordstrom's retail interiors and how Canadian locations will be slightly different than American Nordstroms. Nordstrom will also introduce some hard-shops for women's accessories and clothing, competing directly with Holt Renfrew's designer floors. The Hudson's Bay Company should also be concerned, as Nordstrom will carry both Coach and Burberry.

One of Nordstrom's Canadian challenges will be menswear. Details to follow next week.

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