Natural Light to Wash New Vancouver Nordstrom

Designer Handbags at Nordstrom, Santa Monica California. Image: Callison Architects
Are you a fan of natural light in department stores? It's becoming a trend, and a good one if you ask us. A recent visit to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills was only made better by the fabulous fourth-floor windows and a skylight that bring in the California sunshine.

Canada lacks some of that sun, especially Vancouver. Nordstrom, however, will include some excellent glass-walled exteriors that will bring in whatever natural light Vancouver's Nordstrom can find. And we're expecting this will create an even more superior retail experience. 
Nordstrom Pacific Centre, South-Facing Robson Street Windos on 2nd Floor. Image: James Cheng/Cadillac Fairview
Check out the above image. The South-facing Robson Street side of the new Nordstrom store will include some serious windows on the second-floor. This means the Vancouver Nordstrom's interior will likely be brighter than your average mall-based American store. Similar south-facing light can be experienced on the third-floor of Vancouver's Holt Renfrew store, as well as on the second-floor of Vancouver's Downtown Hudson's Bay Company store. Simply put, natural light makes shopping feel a bit 'better'. At least for us it does. 

It can be expected that Nordstrom's upscale Collectors department will be part of this sun-flooded second level, on the south-porton of this second floor. Holt Renfrew and The Bay's 'The Room' will have some tough competition, both merchandise-wise and aesthetically.

Nordstrom Pacific Centre, Granville/Robson corner w/3rd floor pod-like restaurant: James Cheng/Cadillac Fairview
Check out the next above image. See that glass pod on third-floor in the corner? Expect a new restaurant with a sun-flooded south-facing view of Robson Square. 

East and North-facing windows are nothing to sneeze at, either. And Vancouver's Nordstrom seems to utilize at least some windows on all three of its future floors. 

And as Genesis once said... LET THERE BE LIGHT! ;)

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