Pacific Centre Nordstrom Expansion Floorplans Revealed

Pacific Centre Lease Plan: 48K expansion below Nordstrom. Image: - Cadillac Fairview
Today Cadillac Fairview revealed the floorplan for the retail level located directly below the new Nordstrom store. The retail will be one level and will keep with the aesthetic of the rest of the Pacific Centre mall level. Escalators from the mall will rise to the corner of Granville and Robson Streets as per the floorplan above...

Image: - Cadillac Fairview
Don'e expect an exciting looking mall-level retail expansion. It appears the ceilings will be as low as in the rest of the mall, and it doesn't appear there will be any sort of skylight to Nordstrom/the office building above.

Robson/Granville rendering. Nordstrom's entrance will be 725 Granville Street, and a Pacific Centre's mall entrance will be directly on the corner, accessible via escalators from the street
The new mall retail will be about 48,000 square feet. The office building above Nordstrom will be accessible via an entrance off West Georgia Street. If you are interested, office floorplate floorplans for this project are also online. The address for this new project will be 725 Granville Street, and this is its website:
The offices over Nordstrom have their own entrance lobby on the Granville/Georgia Plaza. Image: - Cadillac Fairview

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