2 of America's Top 10 Most Productive Retailers are Canadian

Source: Retail Sails
Of the 10 most productive chain stores in America, two are Canadian. Lululemon Athletica (Vancouver-based yoga/athletic wear) is #3 with sales of $1936/square foot, while Birks & Mayors (Montreal-based Jeweler) rings in with sales of $1082/square foot.
Photo: CBC
It should be no surprise that Apple Stores generate the most revenue per square foot at $6056. Tiffany & Co, Coach and Michael Kors stores are also in Canada and are reported to have significant sales.

We consulted a Chicago-based retail analyst about the data. He says he's surprised that Louis Vuitton and Cartier weren't included, among other high-selling retailers that turn high sales with expensive products. Regardless, some Canadian-based chains are doing well in America.
Photo: Birks
The same retail analyst stated that he was impressed with the success of such Canadian chains as Aldo shoes (Montrea-based shoe retailer), Aritzia (Vancouver-based multi-brand women's retailer) and the expansion of Joe Fresh, a successful Canadian-owned cheap n' chic retailer competing with the likes of H&M. He expects these Canadian retailers to continue to reap profits south of the Canadian border.

Source: CNN Money/Retail Sails

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