Black Friday Gets Ugly: With VIDEOS!

Black Friday is an American shopping tradition, recently adopted in Canada. We were sent videos by readers showing horrific scuffles, including this brief video above...

We laughed with horror at the video below. Who knew a mob of women could become so scary? (At an American Victoria's Secret store). The fighting is insane, and the brief video is a must watch!

Below is a longer video with other Black Friday chaos. They are entertaining to watch but also horrific and embarassing. We really hope this madness wasn't replicated here in Canada. 

The 38 second video below shows a cattle-call at a 2011 opening of an Urban Outfitters store. We're surprised anyone would even want to shop there, let alone be trampled to get in...

While all of this chaos was going on, we were sound-asleep safely in our own bed. Today we checked out some Vancouver (Canada) sales and the crowds were minimal and those around were reasonably polite. Though as of today, we've never seen so many women at once in Holt Renfrew's Vancouver shoe department! 

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