Browns Shoes Opening 5000 sq ft Toronto Eaton Centre Store

Floorplan, Cadillac Fairview. Red Outline/Lettering by Retail Insider
Browns Shoes will open a 5000 square foot store at Toronto's Eaton Centre. This will replace its current smallish 2500 square foot store. Browns will replace Sephora cosmetics, which will move to a larger space on the same floor.

Browns' store will be on Level 3 of the Eaton Centre (as is their current store), often considered the 'most prestigious' floor in the mall. This may not arguable by true but Level 3 is the brightest level since it receives sunlight from the skylights above.
Current Sephora, to be replaced by Browns Shoes. Image:
Browns stores are from Montreal and have stores across Canada. Their stores vary in size, reaching as large as 8000 square feet. Browns once had concessions at Holt Renfrew and Hudson's Bay stores in Canada, as well as at Joseph's of Chicago (a Chicago-based shoe retailer that went bankrupt). These concessions have since closed, leaving free-standing locations.

Browns is one of our favourite shoe stores, especially when they have a sale. We admit we have a shoe problem... we don't have enough room for all of our shoes. Many readers can probably relate. We make regular trips to Browns and its 'younger' store, B2. Both carry private-label and designer shoes with some of the best brands available in Canada.

Browns is in expansion mode and will be opening more Canadian locations. Watch our website/Facebook/Twitter, as we'll update you when we find more openings/expansions.

Source: GKW, Urban Toronto.

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