UNIQLO Coming to Canada. Vancouver Lease Negotiations Underway

Image: Bloomberg News
We've gotten word that Japanese cheap n' chic retailer Uniqlo is coming to Canada, and is negotiating a lease for part of the sub-basement space in Vancouver's Downtown Hudson's Bay building, directly below the recently opened TopShop. We are waiting to hear about the store's potential size and how many Canadian locations Uniqlo wants.

We previously reported Uniqlo's potential Canadian entry with few other details.

Uniqlo has five American stores with several more on the way. The chain wants to open 20-30 American stores per year and ultimately wants to be the world's top apparel retailer by the year 2020.

Please note that these lease negotiation talks are for space located within the Hudson's Bay building and that Hudson's Bay is not the organization bringing Uniqlo to Canada like it did with TopShop. That means Uniqlo could chose not to occupy this space and/or could choose other free-standing retail locations across Canada.

We'll keep you updated on Uniqlo's Canadian expansion. Also check out their American website, posted below, to get an idea what their clothing is like. We'll be shopping there, guaranteed.

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Uniqlo American website: http://www.uniqlo.com/us

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