"Green Bay" in Waterloo: Future Department Store Model?

A reader sent us photos and a description of an enviro-friendly or 'green' Hudson's Bay department store in a Waterloo, Ontario mall. What first impressed us was the changing colour/video screen of its interior-mall signage, video above.

And below... it can even do images. We like. Back to the article...

We were provided some exterior and interior shots. The store is clean and modern, not unlike a suburban Macy's or Nordstrom in the US. The store is at Conestoga Mall in suburban Waterloo. 
Looks a bit like a Macy's or Nordstrom. Source: Eric, lulumen.blogspot.com
We were not familiar with this 120,000 square foot store until our reader provided us with the pictures and description provided below. And it's worth a quick read, as this particular department store is quite innovative. From the September 17 2008 press release"

(Bonnie Brooks, President/CEO) ... "as well as appealing to the community's environmentally
progressive nature through unique green initiatives like solar panels, wind turbines, energy efficient lighting and even recyclable carpet."Among the store's many green innovations are:

    -  Special energy efficient lighting inside and out - LED exterior
       signage lights, which uses 10 percent of the energy required for
       conventional lighting; Fluorescent lighting uses energy efficient T8
       and T5 ballast which save energy and reduce cooling loads while
       providing same lighting quality within the store.
    -  High efficiency roof top units use ozone friendly R410A refrigerant.
    -  Accent lighting uses highly efficient Metal Halide light fixtures.
    -  Solar panels mounted on the front of the store enabling the store to
       draw less power from the local grid.
    -  Two wind turbines, which will generate enough electricity to offset
       the power consumption of an average home.
    -  White TPO roofing to reflect heat and reduce thermal islanding; the
       cooler roof reduces the need for air conditioning and is recyclable at
       end of life.
    -  Waterless urinals and touchless water faucets and toilets for water
    -  Carpet tile is recyclable.
    -  Fully automated energy management system controlled by HBC.
Store's interior. Source: Eric, lulumen.blogspot.com
The store includes distinctive with frosted glass accents and chrome finishing throughout.
Image: Eric, lulumen.blogspot.com

That's pretty impressive. With recent changes to Hudson's Bay, we can expect newly renovated store interiors to be similar to those at Hudson's Bay's newly renovated Yorkdale store, as we previously posted

We will be featuring more inovations from current and future Canadian retailers, including City Target and Walmart. Stay tuned! 

Source: Eric (thank you!) and his blog: lulumen.blogspot.com

Hudson's Bay website: www.thebay.com

Conestoga Mall website: www.conestogamall.com

Press Release: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/305757/waterloo-becomes-home-to-canada-s-first-green-bay-store

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