More Target and Nordstrom News Coming Soon!

Retail Insider is meeting with a Target Canada insider tomorrow to discuss Target's Canadian stores. We apologize for this brief, relatively uninformative article but our research this week is taking more time than we expected.

We'll be getting an update on Target store openings and locations, as well as possible new Target locations not included in former Zellers locations.

We will also be examining the format and size of Canadian Target stores and how they will vary slightly from American locations. We're learning that American retail entrants into Canada sometimes modify their Canadian store formats. We recently mentioned this with Nordstrom.

Today we spoke to a Nordstrom insider and we've got new information on what Nordstrom's Canadian stores will look like. This article will come early next week, as we have information to organize and holiday parties to attend.

Retail Insider will take a break (mostly) over the holidays (December 17-26) and will return full-steam after the New Year. We will be traveling to the United States to visit with family and to research American retailing trends. We'll certainly have much to discuss when we return, including our analysis and comparisons of American vs. Canadian retailing.

Retail Insider will also have a 'new look' in the New Year. We are working with a website developer to bring a fresh, interesting look to the website.

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