2013: Welcome Back to Retail-Insider!

2013 is going to be a big year for Canadian retail. We're currently collecting information on plenty of new Canadian retail-related projects and news. We've also done some retail research while travelling over the holiday, and we have had discussions with retail analysts in Canada and the US.

In the coming weeks we'll be discussing:
-Target's new Canadian store format, including its smaller floorplates and multi-floor concept,
-Nordstrom's continued Canadian store negotiations, as well as what will be in-store at Canadian Nordstrom stores,
-New luxury and chain retailers coming soon to a Canadian city near you,
-Sears Canada's continued strategy of selling-back store leases, which has also occurred recently in the United States,
-The surprising number of retailers knocking on Winnipeg's door, including some international large-format retailers. (including one American, one Canadian and one from Sweden) and
-The plethora of designer outlet malls to open Canada-wide.

Our website is being re-designed by an outside source and we are waiting to see updates.  The new format may not transfer-over until later in January. In the mean time, we'll be updating Retail Insider daily with 2013 retail news!

(image taken from Etre department store website)

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