Target Creates Six 'Online Only' Designer Brands (Not Available in Their Stores)

Target has created six brands only available on their website. The brands include:

1) Labworks (womens' apparel)
2) Zutano Blue (baby clothing)
3) Room 365 (bedding)
4) TOO by Blu Dot (home decore)
5) MudHut (home decore)
6) Boho Boutique (more home decore)

A better description and photos of these brands are available at this link.

Blu Dot is a home furnishing goods company founded in 1997. It is known for 'smart, minimalist goods that price-wise fall somewhere between IKEA and high-end imports'. A Blu Dot coffee table retails for around $500. A table by 'TOO' by Blu Dot will only cost $149 (all US dollars, as Target's Canadian website has yet to upload sale merchandise).

This is an interesting retail strategy that addresses the increase in online shopping while differentiating the Target website with merchandise not available elsewhere. It may also be a response to Amazon, which recently announced that they would permanently include an 'online price-matching policy'.

Time will tell if Target's online exclusives strategy will work in Canada. Will Canadians be receptive to Target's online-only designer merchandise?

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