Update: Canon's First 'Experience' Store Called 'Image Square', Opening Today

We got word that Canon's first store, to be located in Calgary, will be called 'Image Plus' and will be located at Calgary's Eight Avenue Place. This is the world premiere of a retail concept that will soon be seen world-wide. It opens today, January 15th 2013, at 12:00noon.

We reported on this store's opening yesterday, see link here

Eighth Avenue Place is located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, very close to the Holt Renfrew department store and Core Shopping Centre. See map below.
Image: eighthavenueplace.com
We were provided photos of the store by CBRE (thank you!) and we're posting them, below.
Image: CBRE

Image: CBRE

Image: CBRE
 And these two images are from Skyscraper Forum Calgary:
Image: RicoLance21, Calgary Skyscraper Forum 

Image: RicoLance21, Calgary Skyscraper Forum
Canon website: www.canon.ca

CBRE Calgary website: www.cbre.ca/Calgary

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