Walmart to Build 37+ Canadian Supercentres in 2013

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Walmart will build at least 37 Canadian supercentres in the next year ('Fiscal Year': between February 1st 2013 and January 31st 2013). The estimated cost of this expansion will be about $450million.  Impressively, nine supercentres will open in Canada this Friday, January 25th.

Walmart will also expand its Canadian distribution network to support its recent expansions. Walmart says this expansion will create 7000 temporary and full-time jobs. It is clear Walmart is serious in staying competitive with retailers like Target, slated to open its first Canadian stores in March.

Walmart will open a total of 73 Canadian stores in fiscal 2013. The company plans to continue opening 35-40 Walmart supercentres in Canada every year. Walmart will have a total of 388 Canadian stores by the end of January 2014. Walmart employs almost 95,000 people in Canada.

Walmart will also be opening smaller 'urban Walmart' stores in Canada. We will follow this up with an article in the coming days.

[Source: Canadian Newswire]

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