Will Walmart Open REALLY Small Canadian Stores?

Image: http://nique.net
Walmart is thinking 'small'. It's opening a 2,500 square foot store on a university campus in Atlanta, GA, and already has 3,500 square foot store at a university in Arkansas. Could Walmart 'boutiques' come to Canada? 

It's a novel idea that might actually work in some markets. Walmart's low prices within a 'convenience store' might be welcomed by those otherwise paying higher prices at smaller stores in locations not served by larger-floorplate discount retailers. 

The mini-Walmart will include “ramen noodles, power bars, frozen pizza and soda” (According to this article) as well as some electronics like iPods, peripherals, and grocery items like frozen foods, fresh foods, 'grab-and-go' and beverage items.
Hello Mini-Walmart ;)
We may be reporting on what could become a new trend for Walmart in Canada. Target's Canadian store openings (starting in March) will give Walmart a run for its Canadian money. We'll keep our ear to the ground to see if any new, interesting retail concepts arrive in Canada. 

Source: http://nique.net/news/2013/01/11/16214

Walmart website: walmart.ca

Target website: www.target.ca

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