Zellers is Keeping 3 Stores Open!?

Image: theobserver.ca
Zellers will keep three stores open in suburban Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The modified store format will include multiple Hudson's Bay Company banners. We have little other information at this time.

We're not sure if these stores will be some sort of 'liquidation outlet' for Hudson's Bay Company brands/stores, or if they will be a temporary situation for leases not taken by Target or Walmart.

The three Zellers locations to remain open include:

1) The Kipling Queensway Mall (1255 The Queensway, Toronto/Etobicoke)
2) Place Bourassa, 11211 Lacordaire, Montreal and
3) Semiamo Shopping Centre, 1715 152 Street, Surrey (White Rock) BC

We're publishing this information after reading it on Canada.com, article by Marc Weisblott. We honestly didn't know of this modified Zellers proposal until reading Marc's article. Here's a link to his article.

Zellers website: www.zellers.com

Hudson's Bay Company website: www.hbc.com

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