Tiffany & Co. Exits Edmonton's Holt Renfrew

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The small Tiffany & Co. 'corner' inside of Edmonton's Holt Renfrew store has closed. It was the last Tiffany & Co. shop in Holts that wasn't a leased concession owned by Tiffany. We have been informed that Tiffany will not open a leased concession at Edmonton's Holts and that the space formerly occupied by Tiffany will be used to expand the store's handbags selection.

Other Tiffany & Co. owned and operated concessions within Canada's Holt Renfrew stores include Holt's Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal stores.  They range from about 600 square feet to about 1500 square feet.
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Canada also has seven free-standing Tiffany & Co. stores: two in Vancouver, one in Calgary, one in Montreal and three in Toronto.

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