A Look Behind Password-Protected 'Holts Access' VIP Website

In January we reported on Holt Renfrew's new 'VIP website', called 'Holts Access'. The site is for Holt's 'VIP clients', and requires a password. We have the password, and today we'll show you what's behind it. So far it hasn't been much. 

We were provided with the site's password in February and so far these are the screen shots we've taken. 

The Holts Access site starts with a screen with a profiled designer's name (see image at the top of this article). For February 7, 2013, Dior was profiled. 

Behind the Dior screen was the opportunity to purchase limited edition Dior sunglasses. That was the only product available on the site at that time. 

A couple of weeks after, there were no products available on Holts Access. 
On March 6th, 2013 we took this screenshot of Holts Access's website. This time they're marketing products by Emilio Pucci

Included for sale are a $4,700 Pucci dress and a $21,750 fur-lined jacket. We found the return policy interesting, see below: 

So far very few products have been available at 'Holts Access'. We'll update readers with new products and screenshots periodically. 

Holt Renfrew website: www.HoltRenfrew.com

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