Holt Renfrew's hr2 Announces Opening Dates, Twitter and Web Link

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Holt Renfrew's discount chain hr2 has announced opening dates for its first two stores. The Suburban Montreal store (at Quartier Dix30) will open March 28th, and the suburban Toronto location (at Vaughan Mills) will open May 10th.

The temporary hr2 website (via Holt Renfrew) lists the Montreal store as being 24,500 square feet and the Toronto store as being 23,000 square feet.

hr2 has its own twitter page as of today: www.twitter.com/hr2Official 
hr2 logo

hr2's logo has been introduced, above. It includes the words 'Holt Renfrew' under the hr2. This leverages Holt's cachet on the new store brand.  

The website advertises purchasing hr2 gift cards. We'll hold off until we get a better idea of what the store is about. So far this is Holt's description of hr2: "Visit hr2 to shop the brands you love and the styles you want, all at prices you won't believe. Our continually fresh assortment of womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories and jewellery will keep you coming back for more.  This is the new shopping experience that you've been waiting for."
hr2 Shopping Bags: [Image Source]

We first reported on Holt Renfrew's hr2 launch in October 2012. A suburban Toronto location was announced in January 2013

We'll keep you updated on hr2 by Holt Renfrew news. 

Article Source and hr2 website: holtrenfrew.com/hr2

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