Hudson's Bay Finally, Formally Launches 'New Logo'

New Hudson's Bay department store logo, in English and French. 
Today Hudson's Bay formally launched its new logo and simplified name 'Hudson's Bay', above. Retail Insider readers may have known this change was coming when we announced it back in October 2012. Last week we reported the name change to Hudson's Bay's website. 'Mainstream media' is now reporting these changes after Hudson's Bay issued a press release providing all past and future Hudson's Bay-font logos. We'll show you the press releases' provided images. 

Above is the original Hudson's Bay Company font/'logo'. It was used by the company for eons, and was augmented with the simplified name 'The Bay' and its logo, below, in 1965. 

Below is the new English and French names and dedicated font of the department store now known as 'Hudson's Bay'. 

The logo below is for 'The Hudson's Bay Company', which includes department store Hudson's Bay in Canada and Lord & Taylor in the United States. It also includes Canadian retailer Home Outfitters in its portfolio, as well as three Zellers stores which we previously mentioned

We can expect Hudson's Bay's store re-branding to happen gradually over time, and there are no formal timelines in place for its completion. The company's website and flyers have been re-branded, and Hudson's Bay is now adding it to their stores. Their Downtown Vancouver store, for example, has had the new signage since October 2012. 

Note: all images above are from this press release

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