Target Opening First Canadian Stores Tuesday, March 5th

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Target opens its first three Canadian stores at 8:00am (EST) Tuesday, March 5th. These Ontario store locations include: 

Guelph: 175 Stone Road 
Milton: Milton Mall Shopping Centre 
Fergus: Gates of Fergus

These stores are considered to be 'pilot stores' which will be used to iron out any potential 'wrinkles' in operation before Target opens 21 more locations later this month. The Guelph store has been open to 'staff, friends and family' for the last couple of weeks, and we have been informed by a staffer at the Guelph store that things are going 'very well' so far. 

Target's formal 'Grand Opening' will be in early April.  Target will open 124 Canadian stores in 2013.  

We will keep you updated on Target's Canadian store openings. 

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