Image: Nordstrom (Yorkdale Store)

Nordstrom has announced it is building a 188,000 square foot store at Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Though not large compared to some existing Nordstrom stores, it will actually be one of the largest new Nordstrom stores to open in years. 

We did some digging and researched the sizes of Nordstrom's recently opened American stores, as well as its announced new locations. New locations and sizes include: 

  • Glendale, California (replacement location, new-build): 135,000 sq ft  (Opening 2013)
  • Jacksonville, Florida: 124,000 sq ft  (Opening 2013)
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: 138,000 sq ft   (Opening 2014)
  • Houston (Woodlands Mall), Texas: 138,000 sq ft  (Opening 2014)
  • Milwaukee (Wawasota), Wisconsin: 140,000 sq ft  (Opening 2015)
  • Minneapolis (Ridgedale) Minnesota: 138,000 square feet (Opening 2015)

As one can see from the above, Yorkdale's Nordstrom will be larger than all of these stores. And compared to the size of future Canadian Nordstrom stores, Yorkdale's will be second in size only to the 230,000 square foot flagship Downtown Vancouver BC store. 

Furthermore, we're providing Nordstrom store sizes for all (Non-Rack) stores opened since 2007. Only one of these (Honolulu, Hawaii) are larger than Yorkdale's Nordstrom. Here are the sizes of all Nordstrom stores opened since 2007: 

  • Salt Lake City (Downtown): 125,000 sq ft

  • Newark, Delaware: 127,000 sq ft
  • St. Louis Galleria, Missouri: 149,000 sq ft
  • Nashville, Tennessee: 145,000 sq ft


  • Santa Monica, California: 132,000 sq ft
  • Newport Beach (Fashion Island), California: 143,000 sq ft
  • Braintree, Massachusetts: 155,000 sq ft


  • Cherry Hill, New Jersey: 143,000 sq ft
  • Peabody, Massachusetts: 143,000 sq ft
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: 144,000 sq ft


  • Thousand Oaks, California: 145,000 sq ft
  • Aventura Mall, Florida: 172,000 sq ft
  • Naples, Florida: 81,000 sq ft (resort store, statistical outlier)
  • Ala Moana Honolulu, Hawaii: 211,000 sq ft
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: 134,000 sq ft
  • Burlington, Massachusetts: 143,000 sq ft
  • Clinton, Michigan: 122,000 sq ft
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 143,000 sq ft


  • Denver (Cherry Creek Mall), Colorado: 142,000 sq ft
  • Novi, Michigan: 172,000 sq ft
  • Natick, Massachusetts: 154,000 sq ft

Most larger Nordstrom stores were either built or enlarged in the 1980's-1990's. The company has since built efficiencies allowing for smaller store sizes that carry a similar depth of merchandise as some larger Nordstrom stores.

We're also noticing that, given recently released renderings, natural light will play a bigger role in Nordstrom's new Canadian stores. We've consulted with our Nordstrom insider and we'll provide further details on the proposed store interiors at Canadian Nordstroms. 

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