Image: Target Canada website
Target Canada's official 'grand opening' is today, April 5th. Some target stores have been open for over a month, and the store has gotten much publicity. 

Many media sources will report on Target's grand opening day so we won't go into too much detail. We find it interesting, however, that Target has chosen to distribute fliers to Canadian households. On Thursday April 4th, a 28-page flyer was distributed to some Canadian homes. A digital version of the flyer is available here. A .pdf version of the same flyer is available at this link

Time will tell if Target will succeed in Canada. Excitement was met with disappointment as some shoppers discovered Target's Canadian prices were higher than both American Target stores and some Canadian Walmart stores. Still, we expect Target will profit from its Canadian expansion. 

Target has already opened 24 Canadian stores. We can expect about 100 more to open across the country in the coming months. 

Have a great weekend, everyone. On Monday we'll be celebrating Retail Insider's one-year birthday. 

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