For this week's Floorplan Friday, we're again showing a leaseplan including a Holt Renfrew store. This is Ottawa's Holt Renfrew, located in the 240 Sparks Street building. 

This first plan, above, shows the 14,320 square-foot ground floor of the Ottawa Holt Renfrew store. Included on this floor are menswear, cosmetics and accessories.  

This first plan is also shown on an angle. The leaseplan provided by 240 Sparks Street's landlord angled for both floors. The first floor is marked as level 'C2'. 

The second floor of the Ottawa Holt Renfrew is 22,280 square feet according to this plan. It is marked as level 'C3'. This floor includes womenswear. 

The total square footage of these two floors is 36,600 square feet, according to lease plans. This makes it substantially smaller than the newly built Holt Renfrew stores including the expanding Yorkdale Store in Toronto and the recently announced Square One Mississauga Holt Renfrew store. 

Next week we'll give you a rundown of Holt Renfrew store sizes, including proposed expansions of existing stores. Have an excellent weekend, and thank you for reading Retail Insider. 

[Top Image: Google Streetview]

Holt Renfrew website: www.HoltRenfrew.com

240 Sparks Street website: www.240sparks.com