An exciting new retail development is coming to the corner of Yonge and Gould Streets (335 Yonge Street) in Downtown Toronto. It will have up to 5 floors of retail, possibly at the base of a residential highrise. The project joins other recent area developments in one of the busiest retail areas in Canada. 

Flagship retail is expected for the development. It's only 1/2 block north of the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets, Canada's busiest pedestrian intersection including adjacent Dundas Square. It's also located beside Ryerson University and its 30,000+ students. The Toronto Eaton Centre, just to the south, is one of Canada's most productive malls with sales over $1280/square foot and with over 52 million visitors per year. 

Footfall in the area is exceptional, both day and night. Pedestrian and traffic counts are as follows:  

Pedestrian Counts (people/day)
Yonge & Dundas: 96,674
Yonge & Gould: 38,738

Traffic Counts (cars/day)
Yonge Street: 22,196 
Dundas Street East: 17,626
Dundas Street West: 17,165

TTC Ridership (people/day)
Yonge & Dundas: 69,150 

Photo credit: Pedro Szekely [Image Source]

Each retail floorplate will be about 13,000 square feet. Discussions are currently underway to determine if the project will include four storeys of retail only, four storeys of retail with up to ten mixed use floors above or as much as four levels of retail with up to 30 floors of residential condominium units above.

This will be an exciting addition to Toronto's retail landscape. The retail project is expected to be finished in 2016 or even earlier. 

If interested in leasing space at 335 Yonge Street, contact CBRE Account Coordinator Matthew Pieszchala at (416) 495-6278 or at Matthew.Pieszchala@cbre.com