Last month we reported that J. Crew and Brooks Brothers were moving into 110 Bloor Street West in Toronto. A source familiar with the deal has informed us that we were slightly incorrect in the way these retailers will configure space at 110 Bloor, so we are providing a corrected update. 

J. Crew will take the ground floor of the former Escada store, plus some of the ground floor of the Nike Store located directly behind. The new J. Crew will be about 6,300 square feet and for those who are wondering, 110 Bloor's Nike Store will be closing.

Brooks Brothers will occupy almost 16,000 square feet with its entrance fronting the former Guerlain space. Brooks Brothers will occupy some ground floor space of the former Nike Store, northwards towards Cumberland Street. Brooks Brothers will also occupy considerable lower-level space at 110 Bloor - about 10,000 square feet of Nike's basement according to pw20 of Urban Toronto

A vestibule area configured in the back of the Nike Store, facing onto Cumberland Street, will provide access to the remaining second floor of the former Escada store. We cannot confirm a retailer for this Cumberland Street-front retail at this time, though we have been told recent retail lease negotiations for the space have stalled. 

[J. Crew website]

[Brooks Brothers website]