Louis Vuitton has just launched a Canadian version of its online store.  It appears that many Canadian prices are lower than those on the American website. We've done price comparisons and we've noticed consistently lower Canadian prices, made even lower with our weaker Canadian dollar.

Louis Vuitton products are generally not discounted, though prices may vary country-to-country. Higher prices for Louis Vuitton goods in China, for example, have led to Chinese shoppers buying overseas. Louis Vuitton bags are priced about 35% higher in Shanghai than in Paris, for example. 

Will lower Canadian prices encourage Canadians to shop online on Louis Vuitton's website? Tourists already make up substantial sales at Canadian Vuitton shops, and time will tell if lower online Canadian pricing will affect volume sales of Vuitton in Canada. 

Thank you to Retail Insider Jal Baltz for being the source for this article. 

Image: Screenshot from Louis Vuitton Canadian website. 

[Louis Vuitton Canadian website]

(This image was added to this article on July 25th 2013, after it was emailed to us by Louis Vuitton)