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We are posting a retraction of today's article about Suitsupply's securing retail space in Toronto. We were asked to post this retraction as it appears that a deal has not yet been reached. We'll update you if we hear more on the possibility of Suitsupply opening in Canada. 

Below is a modified version of our previous article:

Popular Dutch men's suit retailer Suitsupply could open its first Canadian location in Toronto's Yorkville area.

For those unfamiliar, Suitsupply is a vertically integrated men's suit retailer that was started in 2000 in Amsterdam. It has received many awards including being voted #1 men's suit retailer by The Wall Street Journal. Prices start around $400 and quality and style are considered to be exceptional.

Suitsupply is known for choosing 'unconventional' retail locations. Its Chicago store, which opened a year ago last week, is located on the top floor of a former Barney's New York store and includes a penthouse roof garden.

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