Proposed street level plan, Hazelton Lanes. Source: Kasian/First Capital

These are the proposed lease plans for Toronto's Hazelton Lanes renovation (see above and second-to-last image). Yesterday we reported that Hazelton Lanes will undergo extensive renovations to attract more luxury tenants. From the looks of the plans, most of the mall will see an overhaul. The future of anchors Andrews (department store) and Equinox Fitness are in question, as they appear to possibly be absent from the new plans. However some anchors, including Whole Foods, will stay.

Current street-level plan of Hazelton Lanes [Image: First Capital Realty]

The current Hazelton Lanes floorplan (above) includes department store Andrews, which has two retail levels. We're not sure if Andrews will be part of the mall, though it's possible it could be relocated to two larger retail spaces, one above the other, near the new oval atrium area. Noticeably absent from the new plans is Equinox Fitness, as its current space appears to be dedicated to retail in the new plans. 

136-138 Yorkville Avenue, to be demolished for Hazelton Lane's Yorkville Avenue Entrance

Proposed Yorkville Avenue entrance, to replace 136-138 Yorkville Avenue

First Capital recently purchased 136-138 Hazelton Avenue with the intention of demolishing structures for the mall's southward expansion. However, we don't yet have modified lease plans for a southward expansion of Hazelton Lanes to include an entrance on Yorkville Avenue.

Proposed street level plan, Hazelton Lanes. Source: Kasian/First Capital

We're hoping to soon learn of which luxury retailers will sign up for space at Hazelton Lanes. Given the challenges of finding space on Bloor Street, some luxury stores may see Hazelton Lanes as a viable alternative to Bloor. And having one landlord could give Hazelton Lanes an edge in securing tenants over Bloor Street, where retail space is owned by multiple parties.

Current lower-level plan of Hazelton Lanes [Image: First Capital Realty]

We encourage commercial real estate professionals involved with the Hazelton Lanes project to keep us updated on the mall's possible tenants. We'll keep sources confidential. 

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