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Popular chef and media personality Jamie Oliver will become a spokesperson for Sobeys grocery stores. He will promote healthy food choices for Canadians, and collaboration will begin formally this fall.

For those unfamiliar, Jamie Oliver is a British chef, restauranteur and media personality. He is known for his culinary TV shows as well as his cookbooks. He has become an advocate for healthy food choices and was previously the public face of British grocery chain Sainsbury's.

Sainsbury's reportedly paid Oliver about £1.2 million/year to be its spokesperson, which ended in 2011. 

Making Oliver a spokesperson for Sobeys is a smart move with increased grocery competition in Canada. Walmart and Target are both expanding their Canadian food offerings. Sobeys itself recently bought Canada Safeway for $5.8 billion. Adding Oliver as a spokesperson will benefit Sobeys, especially with the proposed Canadian expansion and increased popularity of competing health-focused Whole Foods.

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