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Sears' American website is selling a $32,000 Rolex watch and a pair of Chanel boots marked down to 'only' $897. It's an interesting strategy for Sears, as the retailer struggles to maintain customer interest. 

Items are listed on the website's 'Marketplace'. It should be noted, however, that these items are sold by third-party vendors who pay Sears a commission of up to 20% on items sold, plus a $40 per month fee. These items are not technically in Sears' own inventory.

Some shoppers might question if these items are real or counterfeit. If we were in the market for Rolex or Chanel, we're not sure if we'd buy it online from Sears. 

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Nevertheless, the appearance of Rolex and Chanel products on Sears' website is a far cry from what's actually in store. We're not sure if this marketing tactic is smart or misguided, and we'd hope Sears doesn't let anything 'slip by' like, say, pornographic material or something else potentially controversial.

Our source for this article is this Wall Street Journal article.

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