Floorplan: Park Royal Shopping Centre

As we announced last week,

La Maison Simons will open its first Vancouver-area store

at West Vancouver's Park Royal Shopping Centre. We were provided a floorplan by Park Royal Management, showing the location of the mall's La Maison Simons store which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. It will replace a grocery store and will be located within an expansion of Park Royal South (the mall is separated into two parts by West Vancouver's Marine Drive). 

We'll follow up this article with details from an interview with Park Royal VP 

Rick Amantea. Park Royal, we discovered, is unlike any other Canadian mall for various reasons. We'll elaborate soon on this topic - we've been doing a lot of research this week so we're keeping our articles brief. 

We also interviewed La Maison Simons CEO Peter Simons last week, and Mr. Simons provided us with information on Simons' exciting cross-Canada openings. Next Canadian city to get a Simons announcement? We'll do a follow-up article soon. 


La Maison Simons website



Park Royal Shopping Centre website