Photo: CBRE

A source tells us that representatives from Saks Fifth Avenue are visiting Vancouver this week to determine how Saks will be configured within the existing flagship Hudson's Bay department store. Rumour has it Saks might take up one single floor of the eight-level store, and this floor would be above level two and below level six. 

The store's floorplates are each about 70,000 square feet, according to our measurements. If Saks does, indeed, take just one floor, Vancouver's (first) Saks store will only be about 70,000 square feet. As a comparison, Vancouver's Holt Renfrew is just over 140,000 square feet. 

If Saks is to be located on an upper floor of downtown Vancouver's Hudson's Bay, something will have to be done with the store's current elevators. Not to be negative, but the elevators need an overhaul. To put a more positive spin on things, Saks could be the motivation to complete ongoing renovations on the enormous Bay building. 

We'll keep you updated when we find out more. 

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