Photo: David Goldmann

Target opened its first Quebec stores yesterday, as we reported would happen last week. A reader sent us feedback and a photo. We're curious to hear your feedback about Target's Canadian stores as well. 

David Goldmann emailed us to let us know his reaction to his visit to Laval's new Target store. He said it was very busy, and that merchandise was selling well. Perhaps too well - he indicates shelves will need to stocked quickly to keep up with demand. 

Two weeks ago we visited a Target store in Coquitlam, BC. Perhaps we had high expectations because our initial impressions were less than stellar. The store had an odd smell, shelves were only half-stocked and their clothing selection left much to be desired. 

Target is in the process of opening stores across Canada, and will continue to open Canadian locations periodically throughout the year. Here is a list of Target stores scheduled to open October 18th

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[Target Canada website]