NOT the new retailer's logo. [Image Source]

UPDATE: Website Mobile Syrup did some homework and found that Rogers has registered "WOW! MOBILE BOUTIQUE" on CIPO 
(Canadian Intellectual Property Office), making it appear that our source was, in fact correct. Excellent job, Mobile Syrup!

Image from Mobile Syrup's screenshot of this CIPO registration

According to a source, a new wireless retailer called "Wow Mobile" will launch retail storefronts in Canada. It expects to have over 100 Canadian retail locations by the end of 2014. Wow Mobile will be a multi-carrier wireless retail vendor similar to WirelessWave, Tbooth, Best Buy Mobile and others. The stores will be operated by Match Marketing/PopUp, according to our source.

Our source tells us that the financial backers of this new retailer will be Rogers and Telus. Being that they are competitors, this could prove to be an interesting business relationship if it's indeed true.

Thank you to an anonymous source for providing us with this tip. We are grateful to our readers and insiders who forward us Canadian retail tips and information. We'll credit you by name or pseudonym, or we'll keep your name confidential. To emails us tips: insider@retail-insider.com.

UPDATE: Website Mobile Syrup mentioned that it had heard speculation that Rogers would be coming to market with a new wireless strategy. Specifically, it would focus on the non-contract market and offer unlimited talk, text and data packages, including LTE. We can't confirm this but we're thinking this provides an answer at to what Wow! Mobile will be about. 

Mobile Syrup also noticed that website WowMobile.ca has been recently re-registered. This could become the website for Wow! Mobile