This is NOT the new logo for WOW! mobile boutique [Image Source]

Last month we were the first news source to announce that a new wireless retailer, 'Wow! mobile boutique', intended to open over 100 Canadian retail locations. Those involved have now confirmed its name, ownership and concept, in a press release.

To be accurate, the retailer's name will be 'Wow! mobile boutique' (using lower-case letters for the last two words in its name). It will be operated by Match Transact and will consist of kiosks located in malls.

According to its press release, the retailer will offer "unbiased advice and assistance" to customers, as it represents five national wireless carriers: Rogers, Telus, Koodo, Fido and Chatr. We're not able to confirm for sure, but our original source told us that Telus and Rogers are the financial backers behind the Wow! mobile boutique concept. 

"This is an exciting evolution for wireless retailing in Canada and we are confident that Canadians will embrace the combination of great customer service, expertise and product offering available at WOW! mobile boutique locations," said Todd Empey, Vice-President of Match Transact, who will oversee the introduction and national expansion of Canada's newest wireless retailer. Todd, a 26-year retail industry veteran, was most recently Vice-President of Future Shop.

Match Transact will expand the number of locations across Canada in the coming months and throughout 2014. Match Transact is a division of Match Marketing Group based in Mississauga, Ontario.

[Source: Press Release]

[Match Marketing Group website]